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But afterwards Zeus who gathers the clouds said to him in anger: “(…) I will give men as the price for fire an evil thing in which they may all be glad of heart while they embrace their own destruction.” So said the father of men and gods, and laughed aloud. And he bade famous Hephaestus make haste and mix earth with water and to put in it the voice and strength of human kind, and fashion a sweet, lovely maiden-shape, like to the immortal goddesses in face;( … ) And he called this woman Pandora,because all they who dwelt on Olympusgave each a gift. (…) /Hesiod, Works and Days/

Dance performance PANDORA. Premiere!
Choreography: Vilma Pitrinaitė
Gyeong Jin Lee (S.Korea), Niels Claes(Belgium), Oksana Griaznova (Lithuania), Omer Lavie (Israel), Paulius Prievelis(Lithuania).
Music: Arūnas Periokas, Mindaugas Borisa
Design: Indrė Mikelaitytė

Vilma Pitrinaitė is a former AURA dancer. She went to study dance to France ten years ago. Later she she studied in Strasbourg . V.Pitrinaitė worked with „la Zampa“ troupe, Mitios Fedotenko troupe „Autre Mina“, François Verret, Karine Ponties troupe „Dame de Pic“ and Philippe Grandrieux. Now the artist is living and creating in Belgium. Pandora – is the premier performance by V.Pitrinaitė together with AURA dancers.  

PREMIERE! Dance performance PANDORA (chor. V. Pitrinaitė) 

When: February 5th, 7 pm.
Where : AURA+, Daukšos st.. 34 A, Kaunas

February 23rd. 7 pm.– Kaunas Chamber theatre, Kęstučio str. 74A, Kaunas
March 10th. 7 pm.– Creative Incubator “Kulturos fabrikas”, Bangų str. 5A, Klaipėda

More information:
vadyba@aura.lt, +370 614 24277


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