It approaches the different tones of discrimination and racism appearing in an ironic and realistic way inside the daily events of the society.
Our body can communicate the contempt, arrogance, rejection, at the same time can feel and react fearfully, sadness, insecurity.
The discriminated or rejected body can look for transformation (MakeOver) radically in the form of thought and image, in order to become accepted in other societies, as well as their own.
Discrimination can reach the beginnings of control and to overpower a group of people to a degree of domination or (ToTame) them.

Choreography and performers:

Anna Karen González Huesca, Renato González (Vucub).
Length: 45 mins. 

When: May 26th 7 pm
Where: Dance education space AURA+( M. Daukšos st. 34, Kaunas) 

Information about tickets:
7 euro – full price
5 euro – students, seniors, dance professionals, disabled people. 

Tickets only in AURA tickets office. NO RESERVATIONS. 
Seats number is limited. 
More information,

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