Balandis, 2020


Renginio detalės

Vocal and dance performance for adults.


Where is the boundary between one’s body and another, when a girl realizes that she is a woman and when a boy realizes that he is a man, and is it not so that there is no boundary anymore – there is only the emergence of bodily identity: heterogeneous, constantly transformed into other assemblies, gaining new dimensions, undergoing qualitative changes?


Director – Artūras Areima

Composer- Algirdas Šapoka

Light designer – Eugenijus Sabaliauskas

Costumes stylist – Kristina Čyžiūtė

Soprano – Skaidra Jančaitė

Dancers – International AURA Dance troupe

Where: Kaunas Cultural Center

When: 2020 April 24th 7PM







(Penktadienis) 19:00 - 20:00


Tautos namai (KKC)


Kaunas Dance Theatre Aura

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