All we need is love

Birutė Letukaitė (Lithuania)


About this performance

Almyra Weigel’s exhibition “Am I, Who Am I?” held in the Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, which includes her 30-year-old creation. In the space you will see the joint project-performance of the author and Kaunas Dance Theater “Aura”-“All we need is love”.

Almyra Weigel’s work is an intriguing combination of tenderness and radicality. This is a picture of the modern world, which longs for goodness and beauty, but constantly destroys something.


Birutė Letukaitė

Light artist

Vladimiras Šerstabojevas

Costume artist

Kristina Čyžiūtė Svirskienė

Performance assistant and rehearsal director

Robert Przybyl


Almyra Weigel

Premier line-up

Carolina Merlo, Dalila Tiraboschi, Heung Won Lee, Julija Strupaitė, Jed Nagales, Marine Fernandez, Nanaho Kugawa, Susanna Maggio


2024 March 10 th.


30 min.

Art director of the theater

Birutė Letukaitė

Photos: Justė Mocevičiūtė

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