About performance

Me as you is a contemporary dance performance for kids. This is the first repertoire performance for children of AURA Dance Theatre.

The characters of the performance go on a journey through four continents of the world together with the kids. Here they see the dances of different nations, hear songs and follow fairy tales in the original language. . The creators of the play send a message to the audience, saying that no matter what the color of your skin, eyes, hair are, what language you speak, what part of the world you live in – I am just like you, I listened to my mother’s tales, sang children’s songs, played the same games and I like to be friends with You.


Ieva Jackevičiūtė


„No Shoes“ theatre

Light artist

Ramūnas Nėnius


Gie Vilkė

Costume artist

Indrė Pačėsaitė


Matas Saladžius

Premier line-up

Heung Won Lee, Marine Fernandez


2022 May 4th.


35 minutes, after the performance for 15 min. games will be held in the performance space

Art director of the theater

Birutė Letukaitė

Šokio spektaklis

"Sužeistas elnias"
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