About performance

The culture of progressive consuming is freatening not only the material but also our spiritual life. There is a problem, there‘s also already chewed-up solutions to that problem. Fast divorce, fast loans, soon enough fast marriage through internet will also be a thing of common reality. It is as much easy to divorce as to spill your cold tea, instead of reheating it. All of this we give as heritage to our children.

Choregrapher Vangelis Legakis, currently living in Hong Kong, invokes the term „individuation“ of the psychiatrist Carl Yung while presenting the idea of the upcoming dance performance which describes the process of human development, during which the person conciously isolates himself from others but unites with his body, mind, spirit and emotions while understanding their interdependance. „How to harmonise the relation between people of traditional attitude and contemporary generation of youth? What to do in order to reach the development of nowadays kids not as separate individuals, but as united organism – a part of society which creates harmonious and happy families?“

About choreographer

Vangelis Legakis studied dance theatre and choreography at the Laban Centre in London. Since 2004 he has been visiting regularly The Forsythe Company with which he performed in 2006 ‘Human Writes’ in Frankfurt. Also he danced pieces by Lea Anderson and Scott Smith as well as he has been performing in his own choreographies. He has formed The Van – L Dance Company with which he has been touring his productions in Europe. His choreographies include ‘The Beginning of Something’, ‘Aphanisis’, ‘Octave Stance’, ‘In Between and Around Liminal Places’, and ‘En-Pour -Soi’ (In-For-itself) have been performed so far in UK, Denmark, Belgium, Albania, and Greece.

Vangelis has strong influences by Rudolf Laban, William Forsythe, Skinner Releasing Technique, diverse martial arts techniques, philosophy (phenomenology), and neuroscience through which he has originated new ways to approach dance practice and choreography. This has led him to create his own dance language and a methodology for creating dances – Methodology of Transcendental Choreology. He has participated in research projects with neuropsychologists working on EEG bio feedback for enhancing performance and has been researching rigorously, as well as applying in his work, the affects and effects of emotions and feelings to improve performative aspects.


Vangelis Legakis (Greece)

Light design

Vladimiras Šerstabojevas“

Costume design

Kristina Sviderskaitė


Antanas Jasenka

Premiere line-up

Blake Seidel, Chiara Corbetta, Clara Giambino, Erik Zarcone, Evgeniy Kalachev, Jasper Narvaez, Julija Mintautė, Matthew Livingston, Marine Fernandez, Mei Chen.


2018 February 24th, Klaipėda

Art director of the theater

Birutė Letukaitė

Photo: PROKADRAS.LT (Indrė Pix)

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