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Performance GODOS*, created by famous Lithuanian choreographer Birutė Letukaitė and two Norwegian choreographers Anne Ekenes and Pia Holden, reveals the world where the past, the present and the future intertwist, where feminine sensuality, secret mythological creatures and futuristic visions meet.

What is the importance of history to any individual? How does the past shape our identity? Godos, considered to be a Lithuanian feminine narrative, takes one of the starting points in this double bill dance performance. Godos is an old Lithuanian word that is usually defined as wistful dreams, feelings, hopes, nostalgic thoughts and unfulfilled expectations. What does Godos mean today and how do we experience Godos?

Panta Rei takes its inspiration from the interpretation of Godos as the song of the heart. Meanwhile, the inspiration for the Lithuanian choreography is the elemental past and its reflections in the people of today. What is hiding in the fur of a bewitched werewolf? What spells do contemporary hags use? Who brings the luck if we don‘t believe to brownies anymore? With subtle reference to the Lithuanian myths and legends, the dancers move in patterns, forms and the rhythm that reminds the clattering of weaving looms. A contemporary man sits down at these looms and weaves a band which is as colorful as our life: full of thoughts about who we are today and who we will become tomorrow.

*About Panta Rei Dance Theatre

Panta Rei Dance Theatre (PRD) is based in Oslo, Norway. The company is known for its high paced and colourful dance theatre performances accessibleto a wide audience. PRD has an extensive outreach program and involve themselves in audience development projects while on tour. The Artistic director Anne Ekenes established Panta Rei Dance Theatre in 2000. The company has since created nine productions and led numerous dance projects.
Panta Rei Dance Theatre has also received a five million NOK project grant from the Savings Bank Foundation Sparebankstiftelsen DNB. This is the foundations largest support and commitment to dance ever.
Panta Rei will collaborate with three regional theatres in Norway over the period of 2015-2017, and produce three dance theatre productions for touring together with Scenekunst Østfold, Teater Innlandet and Brageteatret.
Panta Rei Dance Theatre´s productions go right to the heart of pressing social and personal issues. GODOS is no exception, offering a view on women as the gatekeepers of the soul. Furthermore the collaboration with AURA allows for the artistic expression of PRD to develop in juxtaposition to and in dialog with Lithuanian culture, the culture of women that is different and yet baring similarities to Norwegian history of women.


1st part – Anne Ekenes, Pia Holden (Panta Rei, Norway), 2nd part – Birutė Letukaitė (Aura, Lithuania)

Dramaturgy assistant

Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė

Light designer

Vladimiras Šerstabojevas“

Costume designer

Coal Studio, Thom Bara


Antanas Jasenka

Author of video projections

Saulius Paliukas

Premiere line-up

Ema Nedobežkina, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Haruka Suzuki, Kirie Oda, Laura Witzleben, Love Hellgren


Clara Giambino,  Marine Fernandez,  Julija Strupaitė, Susanna Magio, Ester Bega, Pepe James


February 17th, 2016


50 min.

Photo: Marcin Śmieszek

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