Emanuel Gat (Israel)


About performance

This project is the result of the collaboration between choreographer Emanuel Gat and the dancers of Kaunas Dance Theater “Aura”. This is the personal journey of eleven individuals seeking connection. A complex choreographic structure and at the same time a dance reduced to its essential elements, where the dancers “drive” the work and recreate it every time, examining the role of the performer as a living creator of the scene.

In “The Loop”, the flow of choreographic thought freely maneuvers between scale, decision-making, collaborative strategies, questions of efficiency and clarity, real-time choreography, theatrical devices and musical interpretations to reveal the inner logic and mechanics of human behavior.

About choreographer

Emanuel Gat was born in Israel and first danced in the Liat Dror Nir Ben Gal troupe, and in 1994 started working as an independent choreographer. His troupe “Emanuel Gat Dance” is based in Marseille, France. Due to his unique and personal approach to choreography and dance creation, Emanuel Gat is considered one of the leading and most prolific European choreographers working today. Over the past 25 years, Emanuel Gat’s works have been presented on many of the world’s most important dance stages and festivals.


Emanuel Gat

Idea, music, sound design

Emanuel Gat

Lights artist

Emanuel Gat

Costume artist

Kristina Čyžiūtė Svirskienė

Performance assistant and rehearsal director

Robert Przybyl


J.S. Bach – English Suites. Piano, Glen Gould and Emanuel Gat

Premier line-up

Ester Bega, Heung Won Lee, Julija Strupaitė, Marine Fernandez, Pepe Jaimes, Susanna Maggio, Diego Alcalá, Jed Nagales, Dalila Tiraboschi, Nanaho Kugawa, Carolina Merlo


2023 y. September 21st.


60 min.

Art director of the theater

Birutė Letukaitė

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