About this performance

“Twister” is a project of Aura Dance Theater and Fabbrica Europa Festival.

The performance was based on the game “Twister”, which has given a new look at the concepts of physicality and interpersonal space many times in different cultures.
The ideas of physicality and the body as an interacting territory are questioned. Choreography acts as a language that binds social experiences together, bringing together a temporary community where bodies become a continuation of each performer’s human relationships, social dynamics, cultural products, and life experiences.
As two groups of performers begin a Twister party, Salvo Lombardo interweaves choreographies based on connections, micro-narratives gleaned from their experiences, sharing personal memories, both movement and biographical, that are relived through improvisation and repetition.

About choreographer

Italian choreographer and director Salvo Lombardo, whose work spans theatre, dance and visual arts. His works have been shown at the biggest festivals and theaters in Italy. 2015-2016 worked at the Anghiari Dance Hub residency on the Casual Bystanders project. in 2017 the creator collaborated with the festivals “Oriente Occidente”, “Fabbrica Europa”, as a guest choreographer he worked with the troupe of the dance theater “Aura”. in 2017 started the performance “Present Continous” by involving the local community in the creation of the interactive installation “Reappearances”, a project for the Museum of Contemporary Art MART (Roveretto, Italy).

Idea and choreography

Salvo Lombardo

Assistant choreographers

Lucia Cammalleri and Daria Greco („Chiasma“)

Light artist

Luca Giovagnoliz

Costume artist

Kristina Sviderskaitė


Fabrizio Alviti


Festival „Fabbrica Europa“ (Florence, Italy), AURA dance theatre (Kaunas)


Anghiari Dance Hub, Kilowatt Festival, Le Murate / Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Lithuanian Cultural Institute, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Florence

Premier line-up

Lucia Cammalleri, Mei Chen, Daria Greco, Oksana Griaznova, Abel Hernandez, Evgenii Kalachev


2017 y. May 11th.


40 min.

Art director of the theater

Birutė Letukaitė

Photos: Marco Caselli Nirmal and Paolo Porto

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