Susanna Maggio




Susanna Maggio is a 22 years old girl from Italy. She was first trained in ballet and contemporary Born in Italy,
Susanna Maggio begins a path of artistic ice skating at a competitive level, which is essential for learning from
an early age the importance of determination and constancy.
Despite the dedication and the excellent results achieved along the way, she realizes that what fascinates her
deeply is dance. She enrolled at the Academy of Dance in Milano (Italy), increasing her knowledge by
studying Hip Hop and Contemporary Ballet, as well as Ballet and Modern Dance. In 2018 she receives a
scholarship to increase her studies at Vivo Quest School, a two years Professional Program in contemporary
dance. After her studies and obtaining a higher education she is a dancer of Flyout Transition Company, as part
of Postgraduate Program at Vivo Center.

In 2021 Susanna Maggio was as intern in Dance Theater “Aura”, after one year she showed big improvement
and stayed at “Aura” as a proffesional dancer.

Performs in

Šokio spektaklis

"Sužeistas elnias"
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