AURA in the Solemn Mass by Vaclovas Augustinas

Celebrating the 100 years of restoration of the Lithuania state, public company „Pax et Bonum“ were inviting the audience to see the premiere of the piece „Missa pro centesimo anno restitutionis Lituaniae“ by the composer Vaclovas Augustinas. This magnificent event took place in the Vilnius St. Francis and Bernardine church on November 24 th @ 7pm.

This piece is the large-scale, seven-part vocal and instrumental composition for traditional mixed lyrics for mixed choir, string orchestra, two soloists, reader, phonogram and motion.

Dance Theatre AURA were invited to be apart of this remarkable performance along with Klaipėda’s chamber orchestra and Vilnius’ choir “Jauna Muzika”, conducted by the creator Vaclovas Augustinas himself.

Take a look at the moments from the premiere below.

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