Choreography by AURA’s dancers – at the Bees Evening in Vilnius

The event “Composition evening and presentation of research work by Lukas Karvelis” will be going on at the Dance theatre  (T. Kosčiuškos g. 11, Vilnius) on the November 16th (Friday) @ 6.30 pm. It is organised by the dance research platform “Bees” and the M.K.Čiurlionis Art School, during which you will see the duet of AURA’s dancer Blake Seidel and AURA’s previous dancer Ema Senkuvienė.

Blake and Ema are not only the performers in this duet – they are also the creators of the whole idea and chorepgraphy from scratch, so we invite you to come and see not only this “X and future X” duet by young creators, but there’s more at the evening’s programm:

  • Presentation of the reseach work “Transition” by Lukas Karvelis,
  • Compositions by Erikas Žilaitis and Marija Ivaškevičiūtė (Šeiko Dance Theatre), Gabrielė Bagdonaitė (M. K. Čiurlionis Art School) and creations by Aistė Kriukelytė and by Blake Seidel with Ema Senkuvienė.

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