14Birz18:0019:00BLOSSOM"Sibfest" Sibiu, Romania

Renginio detalės

Duet created by dancers of AURA Dance theatre – Blake Seidel and Clara Giambino at the 26th International Theatre Festival of Sibiu, Romania


Frida Kahlo was an activist and a devoted lover, seeking for relief and depth, facing
circumstances and situations barely bearable nor sustainable. Through physical pain she
was restricted, dependent, self-destructive as well as strong, creative, passionate, selfblossoming
and eager to survive. Together with her volatile yet equally influential husband,
Diego Rivera, they made the most out of the lives they were given. How can we, as
performers and human beings, relate to their essence, withdraw inspiration and feed our
contemporary selves through movement?



(Penktadienis) 18:00 - 19:00


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