28Saus19:0020:00CANCELLED: PREMIERE! AMOUR ESPACE 2020Vilnius

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Attention! Due to decision of Lithuanian Goverment towards COVID-19 situation we are postponing the premiere of AMOUR ESPACE 2020 (dates and ticket returns will be confirmed with separate announcement).



A new creation by Ben J. Riepe based on the original amour espace production from 2007

As a new production for AURA Dance Theatre, German choreographer Ben J. Riepe creates a new version of his piece „amour espace“, which has been touring internationally and was originally produced for five performers in 2007. Together with the dancers of AURA DANCE Theater, the piece will be reworked and newly created into a grand 2020 version for ten performers.

Ben J. Riepe’s works are known to roam between dance/choreography and the Visual Arts and increasingly make use of Music, Composition and Song on stage as well, creating overwhelming productions of total art. In it’s 2020 version, amour espace 2020 will include Live-Music and dense atmospheres of light, sound and performance, which allow for a very sensual experience for the audience.

„Doing a new amour espace version has been long since in my mind and the invitation to Kaunas to work with the reknown ensemble of AURA and a cast of ten dancers has given us he opportunity to embark on this journey together“, Ben. J. Riepe states.


Choreography Ben J Riepe
Dancers: International AURA Dance Theatre troupe

TIckets online @ Tiketa



(Ketvirtadienis) 19:00 - 20:00


Nacional Kaunas Drama Theatre


Kauno šokio teatras AURA

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