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AURA Dance theatre comes back to Švenčionys City!


Choreography: Bea Debrabant (France)
Lights – Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Costumes: Kristina Čyžiūtė
International AURA Dance troupe: Arno Verbruggen (Belgium), Hayleigh Smillie (Scotland), Heung Won Lee (South Korea), Julija Mintautė (Lithuania), Laura Cornejo (Brasil), Lin van Kaam (Norway), Matthew Livingston (USA), Marine Fernandez (France), Natsuho Matsumoto (Japan).
Duration – 40 min.

Tickets are available only at Švenčionių Cultural Centre ticket office


More info vadyba@aura.lt, +37061424277

What’s left of the silence…

She’s standing, she’s moving forward, turning around. Is this balance or illusion?

She gets stiff, coalesces and hovers.

Her body is heavy, sometimes changing, tied up.

Remember and to keep on standing

Her body reacts like a amplifier. Electricity. With her or without her, she’s holds on, relaxes and fluctuates.



(Ketvirtadienis) 18:00 - 19:00


Kaunas Dance Theatre Aura

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