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Didn’t catch AURA’s dance piece „Ephemeral Shades” in Art Printing House in November?  Or maybe you did, but this time you want something entirely different? Forget the calm atmosphere and gentle, melancholic movements for a while –  GAME CHANGER (chor. Birutė Letukaitė) is coming to Vilnius with a Bang! Live House style music, light effects, costumes made by Guda Koster (Netherlands) – even thought this piece was released only this year, it has already been in Germany, were the tickets were completely SOLD OUT way before the performance day and also opened the International Dance Festival AURA 28!
CHANGE YOUR GAME and come to the „Game Changer” – it will be the best Christmas present you can give to yourself!  Here you will meet the best of the best: International dance troupe AURA, live music by composer Antanas Jasenka, vocalist Ilja Gun from the band ROYCE, and the master of lights Vladimiras Šerstabojevas.

Tickets are available HERE

Dance performance „Game Changer” (chor. Birutė Letukaitė, Lithuania)

People are changing. They have enough power and will not only rewrite their own biographies, falsify them or try to live the life of the other, but sometimes get rid of fear and become human beings for themselves and the others. Especially people change when something unexpected happens. They can be overwhelmed with illness, fear, love, death. Freedom also shocks. Especially when it comes without long overtures – just suddenly. /Leonidas Donskis/

December 18th 7pm in the Art Printing House.



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